Automated Systems Inc. Insite iDirector

In March 2013, Automated Systems Inc. released a new product called iDirector that simplifies meetings, improves communication, and allows banks to more efficiently conduct business. Made for iPad, iDirector combines security with easy anytime/anywhere meeting functionality. A bank administrator can run an entire meeting from his iPad.

Four points in particular distinguish iDirector and warrants it receiving an Innovative Solutions Award:

1) Secure and Private

iDirector utilizes a layered security model using the latest features and safeguards that ensures that only authorized users are given quick and secure access to data. Each iPad is registered through an out-of-band approval process with all communication done by iDirector Service Cloud using SSL. Documents are stored on a secure server rather than on a file-sharing cloud, eliminating any threat of materials falling into the wrong hands. Lost, stolen or replaced iPads can be deactivated by an administrator without disabling the user’s account.

2) Mobile

Bank directors are granted protected access to board materials, reports and other confidential information from their iPad, so meeting participants can view documents whether they are in the same room or in different cities.

3) Innovative

This inventive product makes meetings entirely electronic and minimizes the time and printing costs associated with meeting preparation. Another exceptional feature of iDirector is Presenter Mode, which keeps live meetings on task by letting the administrator focus attendees’ screens.

4) Easy to use and convenient

iDirector is very user-friendly. Meetings are easily set up and managed through the secure administrator interface. Because iDirector is a paperless management system, compiling meeting packets is easier and less expensive. Keeping track of attendees, comments and votes is simple. Overall, the application is architecturally superior in the sense that it’s not only easy to navigate and understand, but it also makes enhancements almost effortless.

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