AccuSystems AccuSign Pro

AccuSign Pro allows bank customers to electronically sign documents (such as signature cards) via a tablet device. The documents are then moved directly into AccuAccount Pro, automatically creating the customer and account (if necessary). AccuSign Pro was designed to work with any document preparation software, eliminates scanning, and greatly improves a bank's operating efficiency. To our knowledge, it is the only tablet-to-document management platform available in the banking industry.

Specific Reasons Why AccuSign Pro Deserves an Innovative Solutions Award:

1. Leverages Tablet Technology — With the advent of the iPad, there are few devices hotter than tablets. AccuSign Pro works with any off-the-shelf tablet to create synergies with our bank document management system (AccuAccount Pro). 

2. Aligns with Green Initiatives at Banks — Banks can have customers review and sign documents (such as signature cards, loan documents, and other files) electronically using any tablet device. This significantly reduces dependency on printed documents.

3. Works with Any Document Preparation Software — AccuSign Pro was designed to work seamlessly with a bank’s existing document preparation system.

4. Improves Operational Efficiency — Preparing, printing and organizing signature documents requires significant administrative coordination over the course of a year. AccuSign Pro consolidates this entire process, eliminating much of the administrative work that has traditionally been required.