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The Durbin Amendment’s Impact So Far

Congress Reaches Appropriations Agreement
American Bankers Association
Federal Trade Commission to study the impact of the Durbin interchange amendment on community banks.


Small Banks' Durbin Shield Worked in 4Q
American Banker
Many small banks have never accepted that an exemption from the Durbin amendment will protect them from the measure's roughly 50% cut in debit interchange rates.

Durbin Amendment Helped, not Hurt, Banks: Javelin Survey Says Consumers Believe
CU Times
The study, “Evolution in Consumer Payments Behavior,” published by Javelin Strategy and Research found that 70% of consumers survey reported they thought the interchange regulation would benefit banks while only 30% thought the new rules would benefit merchants.

Where’s the Debit Discount?
Electronic Payments Coalition
Durbin Price Controls Fail to Ring Up Savings for Consumers

The "Durbin Tax" Is Paying Off...For Retailers
From October 1 through the 3rd, Heartland, which processes debit and credit card payments for merchants, says it passed along $1,779,568 in debit interchange reductions to its merchants across the country.

Get Your Durbin Dollars
Heartland Payments Systems

Merchants Receive More Than $10 Million in Durbin Dollar Savings from Heartland Payment Systems
Heartland Payments Systems
11,720,068 in signature debit interchange reductions have been deposited into merchant bank accounts by Heartland Payment Systems.

Heartland Payment Systems Releases First Actual State-Specific Durbin Impact Statistics
Heartland Payments Systems
The average savings per merchant across all states is $260.24. Washington, DC merchants received the highest average savings of $333.94, while Montana merchants saw the least average savings of $127.87.

Does a New Bank Tax Save Merchants Money?
By Oct. 3, merchants had already saved about $1.8 million, according to data released by Heartland Payment Systems, one of the nation's largest payments processors. About one-third of those merchants were restaurants. Heartland estimates that its average merchant will save more than $1,000 in the first year.

The Real Durbin Amendment Winners? High-End Stores
Prior to Durbin, $1,000 purchases would have cost a merchant $15.02 in fees. They now only have to pay 72 cents per transaction.

Initial benefits of Durbin Amendment add up
Most restaurants with average tickets of $11 will save money on interchange fees as a result of the cap. However, those with average tickets less than $11 likely will pay more in interchange fees, Heartland says.

Little Lenders Benefit From Debit-Card Rule
Wall Street Journal
West Bank Inc. in West Des Moines is likely to collect more money than the nation's biggest banks each time a customer uses a debit card. The 119-year-old Iowa bank earned $1.5 million in annual revenue from debit interchange fees last year.