AnyHour MSR

AnyHour Solutions has been a provider of 24/7 call center outsourcing services to financial institutions since 1994. It began offering AnyHour MSR service (comprehensive, 24/7, call center outsourcing customer support) in 2009 to a part of the financial industry and have now recently expanded this service specifically to address the needs of community banks. 

AnyHour Solutions can integrate in real time to any of core system and takes as many of the bank’s retail customer service calls as needed. These services are typically used to supplement a bank's existing customer support operation with overflow support during the workday and after-hours/weekend call, email and web chat support. The company can take nearly any type of bank retail customer service request. 

AnyHour is facilitated by the most experienced call agents in the industry, averaging over five years and 100,000 customer calls. Their purpose is to help community bank partners enhance service to customers, increase loans and sales volume, and reduce operating expenses.

AnyHour began actively marketing the AnyHour MSR service to community banks beginning in 2012; two banks have signed for the service — one is up and running — the other is in the implementation process. It has already completed several system integrations. 

In 2013, the company began conducting webinars on the service and has received good participation rates. There seems to be a good general level of interest in the service and there seems to be few, if any, other companies offering this type of service to community banks. Many community banks have major issues with maintaining their own call centers including high costs and inefficiencies, difficulty keeping up with expanding call-center technologies, and daily disruptions to customer service due to absenteeism, inexperience and turnover.

In addition, AnyHour’s service can become part of the bank’s disaster recovery plan.

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