ATTUS Technologies Dodd-Frank Managed Compliance Module

ATTUS’ Dodd-Frank Managed Compliance Module assists financial institutions in identifying and understanding the impact of the Dodd-Frank Act. The module also provides tools to assist banks in preparing for new regulatory reviews in an outsourced cloud environment.

ATTUS’ modules help financial institutions assess compliance with existing and proposed regulatory changes. The module offers a two-step process that ensures financial institutions understand each component of DFA, its impact on their institutions and how to manage compliance across their entire enterprise.

Key benefits include:

1. The Dodd-Frank Managed Compliance Module provides financial institutions with an authoritative resource dedicated to explaining upcoming regulations, outlining the impact on the institution and how to prepare for the new rules.

2. The service reduces the time and cost spent on compliance, while allowing institutions to achieve real-time visibility and intelligence across the organization.

3. Through its services, ATTUS enables financial institutions to consistently operate in an examination-ready state.

4. The module’s various self-assessment tools enable financial institutions to perform reviews of its current and future compliance procedures based on the Dodd-Frank Act’s existing and proposed regulations.

5. As part of the module, users are also able to work with live subject matter experts to better prepare for the impending regulatory changes. 

6. The module’s strategic planning tools enable users to see a summarized description of each individual section detailed within Dodd Frank, complete with a proposed implementation date and a description of which institutions are effected. From there, users are able to determine actionable steps for each item, assign an employee to be responsible for upcoming items and set a time to start putting this plan into action.

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