BTI Growth Advisors Sales Honing System

U.S. companies spend $2 billion annually on sales training. Approximately 80 percent of that investment produces some improvement in sales performance within three to four months of beginning the training. By the end of the first year of training, less than 20 percent of this investment is linked to an improvement in sales. That means 80 percent of the investment companies make annually to improve sales performance is wasted. Simply said, the ROI from the investment in sales training isn’t sustainable.

The Sales Honing System provides sustainable results through an innovative combination of strategic planning, market research, multiple learning and behavior reinforcement methods, executive coaching, management support, better hiring practices and a unique technology platform that drives effective business development and sales management practices.

What Makes Sales Honing innovative and distinctive?

1. Psychology of Sales Honing — Typically, seasoned sales professionals believe they know everything there is to know about sales and are not usually receptive to receiving more sales training.  Because Sales Honing acknowledges their years of experience and strives to build on their strengths, seasoned sales professionals are receptive to refining or sharpening their sales skills to stay competitive.

2. Organic, Employee-Driven Process — Unlike most organizational change processes which are driven from the top down, Sales Honing is driven by a team of key managers, supervisors and employees who form a “Sales Honing Council” whose focus is to lead and sustain the performance improvement process. 

3. Reinforces “One-Team” Mindset — Because bank employees come from many different banking cultures, the Sales Honing System provides a framework for greater consistency of sales behaviors within branch, small business and commercial banking divisions. Having employees “singing out of the same hymnal” is key to building an aligned and united bank culture.     

4. Proprietary Technology — The Sales Honing System also incorporates proprietary, cloud-based behavior reinforcement and sales management software that drives greater efficiency and effectiveness throughout the business development and sales management processes.

The Sales Honing System addresses key causes that contribute to lack of sustainability while offering institutions a system that helps insure a sustained ROI from their investment.

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