CSI Financial Dashboard

CSI’s Financial Dashboard provides bank executives a comprehensive look at the bank’s current financial position, succinctly summarized in at-a-glance graphic reports. The program enables users to quickly and easily review the overall financial position of the bank. With Financial Dashboard, bank executives can quickly access the performance data they need without sifting through multiple reports and disparate information sources.

Fully integrated into CSI’s NuPoint core processing platform, Financial Dashboard can immediately provide key trends based on the bank’s 13-month data history. This enables the bank to efficiently track its long-term progress related to new and closed accounts, past due accounts and assessed and waived fees, among other items. 

Ten key performance indicators provide graphs and trend data for important bank ratios, simplifying the identification of areas of improvement. Some of these key performance indicators include yield on assets, return on assets, return on capital, efficiency ratio and loan to deposits.

Key benefits include:

1. CSI’s Financial Dashboard improves the bank management process by summarizing key information from more than 100 executive financial reports to provide a high-level snapshot of critical information collected from each of the institution’s branches.

2. Increased accuracy and efficiency by pulling data directly from the core database, eliminating data entry errors and providing complete information on reports across business lines and branches.

3. Reduces costs needed to generate and report on key operational areas within the bank, due to decreased staff time needed to manually assemble reports and more accurate information on account status.

4. Improved regulatory preparation and board reporting abilities derived from having live data from more than 100 reports at an executive’s fingertips at all times.

5. Simplifies data management from a high-level perspective, adding time and focus back into the bank executive’s day.

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