CSI Personal Financial Management Service

CSI’s PFM solution provides consumers a simple online portal for managing their financial accounts. With PFM, banks gain a competitive advantage by offering services usually available only at larger institutions, as well as the ability to analyze their customers’ entire financial portfolio. The service offers bank customers several easy-to-use tools aimed at making financial management easier, such as a dashboard, cashflow calendar, net worth graphs, budgeting tools, expense tracking and financial goals.

CSI’s PFM tools are fully integrated into its Internet banking platform, which significantly improves the convenience and ease of online banking for both financial institutions and banking customers through the use of the latest Web 2.0 technology. Banks utilizing the solution experience substantial business benefits as a result of CSI’s Internet banking’s suite of interactive tools, which include customizable loan payment options, built-in marketing tools, integrated bill pay, moveable account widgets and a comprehensive Corporate Cash Management solution for managing business accounts.  

Primary benefits include:

1. Increase customer loyalty and attract younger customers to community and regional banks.

2. Offer competitive online services demanded by customers that traditionally have been the domain of larger banks.

3. Gain expanded insight into bank customers’ entire financial portfolio and target relevant products and services based on financial profile.

4. Reduced customer service costs, because common reasons for contacting the bank are managed on the mobile device or Internet banking.

5. Reduced environmental impact due to reduction in paper statements and mailed notices.

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