CTS North America LS150

For financial institutions of any size, accuracy in document processing (checks, money orders, etc.) is essential to maximizing efficiency. Unfortunately traditional scanners are not developed or equipped to handle the bulk processing responsibilities with precision — resulting in costly item deferments that halt the process and require manual reviews. In addition, complex check and ID fraud, counterfeit and tampering issues are costly and compromise financial data integrity of an entire organization.

With a minimal operational footprint, CTS North America’s high-performance LS150 teller scanner maximizes efficiency in teller, branch and high volume remote deposit capture applications. The LS150 scanner is currently deployed at two of the country’s top five financial institutions and has been enhanced with:

1. ID Capture scans ID cards — including 2-D barcodes plus magnetic stripe readers — within the LS150 device, eliminating the need for a costly, additional scanning system. Using a unique by-pass feeder, the ID Capture stores the ID images, which can be used to display customer images at the teller station to combat ID fraud.

2. Ultraviolet light provides sophisticated image capture to mitigate fraud risks specific to certain markets around the globe. As of June 2013, CTS has sold more than 10,000 LS150 UV scanning units worldwide.

3. ClearPIX middleware improves human readability and Courtesy Amount Recognition scoring when processing difficult to read items, such as money orders, WIC vouchers and poster orders. ClearPIX improves CAR scores up to 200 percent or more, and 99 percent of ClearPIX-enhanced items are human-readable.

4. Onepoint enables a receipt printer or other USB device to be connected and powered through the LS150 scanner, eliminating the need for an additional power receptacle and workstation USB at the teller window.

5. Color Check scanning enables the LS150 to scan up to 150 color documents per minute.

CTS North America