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Charter Conversion Articles and Information

Is the Grass Greener? Five Considerations before Converting your Charter
If you are contemplating a charter conversion for your bank, there are a number of key issues to consider before you make the change.

Comptroller Curry Discusses Lending at Small Business Lending
Most of our examiners work from one of the more than 60 offices the OCC maintains around the country, and they clearly know those local markets as well as anyone.

United States: Time For A Change - The Thrift Charter And Strategic Considerations For Conversion
Applicable considerations include an evaluation of the institution's business strategy, e.g., whether it intends to diversify its asset portfolio going forward with commercial and other non-residential lending, whether federal preemption continues to be an important factor in the institution's operating strategy (and the potential risks to federal preemption from the CFPB) and whether the costs of retaining the charter outweigh the few remaining benefits.

Inconsistent Regulators: Evidence from Banking
National Bureau of Economic Research
Federal regulators are significantly less lenient, downgrading supervisory ratings about twice as frequently as state supervisors. Under federal regulators, banks report higher nonperforming loans, more delinquent loans, higher regulatory capital ratios, and lower ROA. There is a higher frequency of bank failures and problem-bank rates in states with more lenient supervision relative to the federal benchmark.

Small Banks Shift Charters to Avoid U.S. as Regulator
New York Times
Monadnock Community Bank in Peterborough, N.H., was ordered to do a thorough review of how it collected payments on its delinquent loans, said William Pierce, the chief executive. That meant diverting three of its 18 employees to comb through reams of mortgages.

Termination of National Bank Status
This booklet covers the termination of national bank status when a bank wishes to relinquish its national bank charter. This occurs through a voluntary liquidation, a conversion to a state bank or federal savings association charter, or a merger or consolidation with a non-national depository institution.

Year 2012 Fee Structure
Fees charged by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency for year 2012.

State Bank Regulators More Lenient Than Federal Counterparts
Wall Street Journal
The study found that even with a very standardized set of rules — in this case safety-and-soundness examinations that result in a numerical score given to each bank — two different regulatory institutions consistently come up with very different conclusions about the health of an individual bank, even when they’re looking at the same bank within a very short period of time.