CoNetrix Audit Toolbox

As an industry best practice and to comply with regulatory guidance, financial institutions are encouraged to bring in a third party auditor to conduct an annual IT/GLBA audit and internal network vulnerability assessment. Periodically, financial institutions need an additional internal network vulnerability assessment after situations such as a major infrastructure change or network compromise.

The CoNetrix Audit ToolBox is a small device developed and configured by CoNetrix to facilitate the technical assessments performed as part of an Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment. The device is sent to the customer location and plugged in to the network. Using a secure SSL VPN, a member of the CoNetrix security team uses the ToolBox virtual machines to perform customized LANguard audits, and run audit tools developed by CoNetrix. The ToolBox is used to collect data in the same manner an auditor would employ while onsite. No changes are made to the customerís network or systems. ToolBox encrypted drives are reformatted after each engagement to destroy the virtual machines and all collected data.

The CoNetrix Audit Toolbox merits an Innovative Solution Award based on its:

1. Value: The CoNetrix Audit ToolBox cuts down on travel costs in order to offer a less expensive solution for periodic network assessments.

2. Security: CoNetrix uses only an SSL encrypted VPN tunnel to connect to the device. No Internet exposure or inbound connections are needed.

3. Efficiency: The fast turn-around time for a network assessment using CoNetrix Audit Toolbox helps the financial institution quickly discover vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.

4. Support: The CoNetrix Audit ToolBox is backed by a team of highly trained security experts with more than 300 years of accumulated information technology, network, and security experience.