Continuity Control

Continuity Control represents the community banking industry’s best – maybe only – chance to survive the onslaught of federal regulation.

The only comprehensive compliance management platform on the market today for community banks, Continuity Control’s platform addresses the relentlessly growing volume of new rules that have pushed the majority of small banks to a "compliance tipping point." Continuity Control effectively and dramatically reduces the resources a community bank must spend on compliance while ensuring that it passes regulatory muster.

Combining technology, process innovation and expertise to improve controls, the platform provides task automation, tracking, auditing, and instant access to reports. Continuity Control’s easy-to-use online platform is user-friendly and integrates seamlessly with existing bank infrastructure and systems.

Continuity Control warrants an Innovative Solutions Award because its technology platform is enabling the community banking industry in its time of greatest need to:

1. Bring The Power Of Many To Bear. A virtual “co-op for compliance,” the Continuity Control platform maintains and automatically transfers the collective knowledge obtained from examination data to its entire client base.

2. Overcome Insurmountable Challenges. With compliance costs hijacking profits, the platform enables community banks to operate in a complex regulatory environment with minimal overhead.

3. Manage The Compliance Burden In A New Way. By utilizing a co-op to leverage industry knowledge, the Continuity Control platform dramatically reduces the time spent researching and analyzing regulations.

4. Control The Costs Of Compliance. The platform’s advanced software consolidates all regulatory compliance work onto a user-friendly online platform that eliminates the risk of missing a new regulation/rule.

Simply put, Continuity Control lets community banks get back to the business of banking. With the 2,000 potential bank failures on the horizon, Continuity Control’s dramatic improvement in efficiencies could literally save the industry.

Continuity Control