Country Club Bank Asset Management Group BancPath

Asset Management Group Inc. developed BancPath, an asset/liability management service, to provide an innovative solution for community banks to improve their short-term and long-term income while also managing risk.

BancPath provides reports that give banks a better understanding of the interest rate risk on their balance sheets, so they can make more informed and profitable decisions:

  • Banks receive a secure download that interfaces with their current data processing system.
  • Reports are run and reviewed to ensure data integrity.
  • BancPath personnel works closely with banks to interpret and explain assumptions, and manage results.
  • Income simulation and market value of equity tools are used to help define interest rate risk, both near term and long term.

BancPath is a turnkey tool that allows banks to manage their balance sheets without complicated, costly staffing and software issues. BancPath can be tailored to each bank’s needs, with benefits including:

  • Variable loans are repriced at the applicable index plus spread at the appropriate time. 
  • Liabilities are assigned a degree of sensitivity (or beta) based on the nature of the liability and the banks’ actual pricing behavior, to give management credit for appropriate rate lags or accelerations.
  • A core-deposit analysis as well as a back test is included in every report. 
  • The model uses the institutions own behavior and historical data to accurately capture ALL model assumptions.
  • Regulator-friendly and easy-to-use reports maximize profitability.
  • Consulting on interest rate hedging strategies provides the resources of a larger bank, at a fraction of the cost.

Four specific points on why an IS award is warranted – BancPath improves:

1. Management performance – Strategically manages and prices balance sheets to maximize profitability.

2. Regulatory compliance – Stays current to comply with regulatory and accounting requirements.

3. Cost-efficiency – Turnkey download interfaces with banks’ data processing systems.

4. Operational performance – Prepares banks for ALCO team meetings with agenda, minutes, reports and charts.

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