DataQuick RiskFinder Distress

In response to the need for more robust distressed asset tools, DataQuick has released RiskFinder Distress. This service enables users to track and analyze key distress events throughout the life cycle of the loan. This provides investors and lenders the information needed to evaluate risk, determine the impact of distress sales on loss severity estimates, drive loss mitigation strategies and identify markets that are starting to recover. During the year RiskFinder Distress also received an upgrade to add in additional short sale tracking and analysis.

RiskFinder Distress provides a complete picture of distressed property trends and allows banks to optimize their lending and investment decisions.

Intelligence at the national, state, MSA, city, ZIP, and neighborhood level for both single-family residences and condominiums is provided in these areas:

  • REO inventory.
  • Number of notice of defaults.
  • Number of short sales.
  • Number of auction sales.
  • Number of REO liquidation sales.
  • Number of non-distressed sales.
  • Total sales.
  • Average days inventory of REO property.
  • Price per square foot short sale properties.
  • Price per square foot auction sales.
  • Price per square foot REO liquidation sales.
  • Price per square foot non-distressed sales.
  • Price per square foot all sales.