EFT Source Card@Once

Card@Once is a unique and innovative way for banks to instantly issue payment cards without the added IT and financial burdens. With Card@Once, customers simply walk into a branch and, within seconds, receive a fully functioning, active payment card. When a customer requests a card, the data is securely transferred from the branch to EFT Source. The data is immediately processed and converted into an encrypted file that is returned to the branch electronically. Card@Once then encodes the data and prints the permanent, ready-to-use card.

The Card@Once program, which is PCI DSS compliant, enables account holders to self-select their PIN at the branch location and eliminates additional steps required for card activation. In addition to maximizing cardholder convenience, onsite PIN selection also reduces the risk and expense of sending PIN mailers through the postal service.

Enhancements include:

  • Edge-to-edge color printing and image storage for maximum personalization.
  • Automated tracking and maintenance of card inventory.
  • 24/7 monitoring and reporting to avoid delays.
  • Key management.
  • Automated status check communicating the status of printer prior to use avoiding wasted materials and failed print jobs. 
  •  Cleaning alert notification of machine’s cleaning schedule; kit provided for task if needed.

Centier Bank recently cited the following after implementing Card@Once, which warrants the product to be included as an innovative solution:

  • Because cardholders can immediately use the card, more than half of customers used their card within eight hours of leaving the branch. 
  • The average time to customers’ first use during those eight hours was 93 minutes. Conversely, cards issued by mail average 10 days. 
  • Card@Once provides superior customer satisfaction and enables increased activation rates and interchange revenue. 
  • Centier saves an estimated $6,000 in annual shipping costs and reduced the cost per card by 20 percent.

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