Elan eAdjust Plus Outsourced Dispute Processing
for ATM, Debit Card & Credit Card transactions

Elan Financial Services, a leader in EFT processing, has introduced eAdjust Plus, an outsourced turnkey dispute processing solution that makes resolving disputes easier and faster for community banks. Dispute processing can be a labor-intensive and costly exercise for most institutions in the card services arena. The dispute process involves many stakeholders — cardholders, merchants, acquiring banks and card issuers — and requires a thorough understanding of how to interpret complex rules. Human error and mismanagement can lead to write-offs and customer focus is often lost in the process, resulting in customer attrition. When handled properly, dispute management cases can have a very positive impact on customer relations.

With eAdjust PLUS, Elan manages the entire dispute process behind the scenes from the first cardholder call, to account adjustments and through transaction resolution. As a result, Elan financial institution clients benefit from a more efficient process, a healthy portfolio and loyal customers.

Most dispute processing services have been designed for credit card transactions. Elan's eAdjust PLUS offers the benefit of handling ATM and debit card disputes, making it a unique and highly valuable service offering for banks, credit unions and their cardholders alike.

Why this product deserve an Innovative Solutions Award:

1. A dedicated call center staffed by Elan employees with expert knowledge in Reg. E, network charge-backs and adjustments.

2. Prompt dispute investigation and provisional crediting/debiting in accordance with Reg. E and network regulations and clear notices of Reg. E claims mailed directly to cardholders.

3. Reporting customized to fit a bank’s unique needs and adjustment thresholds by dollar amount and adjustment type set by the client.

4. By outsourcing dispute management to Elan, financial institutions will successfully and profitably resolve customer disputes while freeing staff to focus on revenue producing tasks.

Elan Financial Services