E-Link by Equips

Equips is a management company focused solely on equipment maintenance solutions for financial institutions nationally. In addition to providing our clients cost savings of up to 25 percent off of their equipment maintenance budgets annually, our innovative program streamlines operations by providing clients a single source for equipment asset management. This single source is called E-Link, our proprietary Web-based portal.

How is E-Link innovative, and why do we believe it warrants consideration for an Innovative Solutions Award?

1. Organization, or consolidation, of all of our client’s equipment assets into one schedule sorted by branch location. This inventory is housed on E-Link and changes throughout the year are updated in real time. Clients can also add or remove equipment as necessary via E-Link.

2. Ability to order service dispatch when equipment fails for every equipment segment. Financial institutions are used to calling vendors for every machine needing service, a significant number of contact points for larger FIs. E-Link is now the single source for all equipment assets — clients have one contact via the Web versus many. Our staff will contact the vendor and follow the service call to successful conclusion.

3. Real-time service-level management. Utilizing E-Link for dispatch allows the professionals at Equips to track and monitor each service call. Rather than waiting for retrospective audits provided by other management firms, customized strategies are developed efficiently to maximize uptime and profitability.

4. Organizations provide asset tracking and dispatch as individual offerings, and can assist in streamlining operations. However, E-Link is part of Equips’ product offering which also provides cost savings of up to 25 percent off of client’s annual equipment maintenance budget. E-Link is included in every program established for our clients, making ours unique and all-encompassing compared to other management companies.