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ZOOMing! is a system developed to overcome the issues and costs of "one and done" indirect borrowers. bankZOOM! maximizes profitability by rewarding, engaging, converting and retaining borrowers by applying short and long-term strategies throughout the entire loan cycle to drive borrowers toward additional services while building the institution's brand. The institution generates dollars through increased relationships and ongoing residual revenues while reinforcing borrower loyalty and retention.

Borrowers receive complimentary membership in myEZ Car Care - a private-label auto club comprised of high-value benefits, such as national automotive discounts. They also receive an Electronic Glove Box app to help them stay organized on their PCs, tablets and other mobile devices. The app features an MPG calculator, service reminders, recall notices and more. There is even an EZ button with a direct link to the bank's home page or loan application page to simplify the loan choices.

GreenProfit builds a program of engagement wherein its branded system connects with the bank's borrowers through a multi-faceted approach of email, USPS mail and messaging, at least seven times in the first year, and five to six times each year thereafter. The bank's products and services are offered throughout the campaign. The institution even gains access to myEZ Car Care's back office to use its proprietary message center to reinforce the marketing strategies through reminders and special offers. All correspondence is branded with the institution's name and logo.

This innovative technology gives the institution the keys to stay connected to the borrower throughout the loan cycle. It offers upsell opportunities to reduce hard costs and possibly generate new revenue streams. And the residual fee system allows the institution to build passive income year after year.

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