Harland Financial Solutions eBill Presentment & Payment

Harland Financial Solutions provides banks with an ability to deliver electronic bill/invoice presentment and payment (eBPP/eIPP) capabilities to their commercial customers. It enables the electronic presentment of bills to consumers and businesses via email or biller direct website with an immediate ability to pay the bill electronically using a debit card, credit card or via ACH transfer from a bank account.

There are four main ways in which this solution helps community banks, which we believe warrants recognition with an Innovative Solutions Award:

1. It allows banks to expand the list of treasury management services they offer to commercial customers, under their own brand, enhancing their fee income opportunities and commercial customer loyalty.

2. It drives improvements in efficiency for commercial customers by reducing operating expenses associated with legacy billing processes. Areas of expense reduction include paper, printing, staffing, postage and lockbox costs. The reduced time from bill preparation to bill payment also improves cash flow, reduces days-sales-outstanding and results in higher customer satisfaction as a result of increased convenience and payment option flexibility.

3. It integrates directly with the biller’s accounting system, automating the bill rendering and reconciliation process. Delivered as a SaaS solution, making it very economical, easy and quick to implement for banks, and more importantly for their commercial billing customers.

4. It preserves the environment by reducing consumption of paper, envelopes, checks, stamps and fuel (postal delivery) associated with legacy billing processes. “Going green” yields additional PR opportunities for commercial customers.

Businesses rely on safe, timely, flexible and accurate billing processes to survive. A bank is the ideal partner to help a business in this regard. 

Banks rely on innovative, safe, reliable and cost effective systems to cement relationships with their customers. Harland Financial Solutions is the ideal partner to help banks in this regard.

Harland Financial Solutions