Hyland Software OnBase

For more than 20 years, Hyland Software has been dedicated to meeting community banking needs for document and process management with OnBase, an enterprise content management solution suite. OnBase removes paper by automating manual processes, enabling banks to increase their speed and accuracy while reducing operating costs. Currently, 3,800 community banks use OnBase to empower users to immediately find the information and documents they need, so they have more time to focus on customer service.
Customer-Driven Development

In 2013, Hyland Software released OnBase 13. The upgraded product includes more than 2,500 enhancements that continue to improve its core ECM foundation, while building on it with continued growth in applications and data-driven processes that offer banks the ability to become more efficient and effective.

Engaging our customers in a development process with an annual software release allows Hyland Software to focus on creating solutions to the business issues they’re facing right now. It also enables OnBase to adapt quickly to evolving audit and regulation compliance demands, as well as integrate with new operating systems, new browsers, and new products.

OnBase solutions are extremely flexible. The open architecture of the software enables easy, seamless integration with existing technologies to connect systems and improve communication between them. It also operates behind the scenes, so users continue to work in familiar applications that become more powerful. The flexibility and scalability of OnBase gives customers the ability to tailor solutions for departments or make them comprehensive enough to serve the entire enterprise.
Easy Integration

OnBase 13 integrates with leading electronic signature solutions. This creates an end-to-end solution that combines the efficiency of document management with secure, legally binding electronic signatures to promote faster processes that rely on document signing, storage, and retrieval.
For these reasons, we believe Hyland Software drives innovation in community banking.

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