Document Exchange (for IMM's TotaleAtlas)

Introduced July 2012, Document Exchange is a cloud-based eSignature service for IMMís TotaleAtlas eSignature and document presentment platform. Document Exchange provides financial institutions an intuitive, hosted experience, allowing consumers to access and sign business transaction documents remotely. Financial institutions can enhance consumer convenience while closing transactions more quickly and generating significant cost savings. Since its introduction to the market, Document Exchange has experienced rapid adoption among banks and credit unions, transforming how they operate and improving consumer satisfaction. Document Exchange offers many features and functionality that make it an innovative solution, including:

1. With Document Exchange, banks effectively expand their reach and provide consumers with the modern electronic transaction capabilities (eSignature) that they have come to expect from their primary financial institution. Document Exchange elevates the signing experience, improving an institutionís overall image and appeal.

2. Document Exchange is device and browser autonomous and integrates with a wide variety of financial core and lending/deposit systems as well as the majority of ECM/imaging systems to achieve automated archival of eSigned documents.

3. Document Exchange reduces transaction timelines by fully automating document preparation, completion and archival. It allows financial institutions to greatly reduce their use of paper and eliminate time and labor intenstive activities to improve efficiencies and reduce costs per transaction, positively impacting their bottom lines.

4. Document Exchange allows signers to safely and securely review and complete confidential documents online from any location, device and at any time. Rather than incurring courier delivery or overnight expenses, electronic documents are sent and received more quickly and securely through Document Exchange. The solution performs signer authentication, captures intent to sign and validates ongoing document integrity to produce legally enforceable electronic signature records.