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Creating a Culture of Innovation

4 Tips to Spark Innovation in Your Small Business
American Express
when you are actually running a small business, finding the time to foster innovation can be overwhelmed by cash, economic, resource and time constraints. Here are four tips that I have found that foster innovation at my company and that I believe can be applied to most businesses.

How Do I Measure “Innovation”?!?
Balanced Scorecard Institute
Learn one way to measure innovation as a strategic objective.

Five Tips to Inspire Innovation at Your Small Business
How can you kick innovation into high gear at your small company? Here are five ideas.

Don't Innovate. Create a Culture of Innovation
The next time you are wracking your brain to come up with the idea that will save the day, or the innovative solution to your problems, or just a better way to do something, put your efforts into fostering and promoting innovation within your organization.

Barriers to Change: The Real Reason Behind the Kodak Downfall
Ken Robinson said companies have to adapt to the rate of change. The internal culture at Kodak was too slow to adapt.

7 Steps to a Culture of Innovation
Failing forward means taking risks and increasing the rate of experimentation.  Some bets will pay off; some will fail. The key is to fail quickly.

Does Your Culture Support Innovation?
Innovation Excellence
Creating ongoing innovation in an organization needs to be thought of as a long-term process, especially if you are used to reacting to change rather than creating it.

What an Innovative Culture Looks Like
Innovation is a skill, not a gift.  It can be learned by anyone and applied systematic.  Innovative companies treat it as just another core skill by doing these things…

Innovation Metrics
Creating a "family of metrics" ensures a well-rounded portfolio of measures that cover the most important innovation drivers for your specific organization.

The Pixar Innovation Story – Not a Coincidence
International Media Innovation Management
Ken Robinson cited Pixar as one of the top innovative companies, partly because the company created Pixar University, which allows any employee to spend four hours a week of salary time at the University.

NSF Releases New Statistics on Business Innovation
National Science Foundation
In the finance/insurance industry, the reported innovation rates for products and processes were each at about the same 8 percent level as the nonmanufacturing sector as a whole.

Creating an innovative culture
U.S. Bank Blog
Do your employees know your innovation goals and what you’d like them to focus on (e.g., your products, service delivery, or internal processes)? Do you encourage your employees and support their efforts to keep your product or service current?

Zappos Family Core Values
Zappos is another company that Robinson cited as a good example of establishing a culture of innovation.