KIVA Respect Multi-channel Marketing

Traditional methods of mass communication like newspapers and direct mail are expensive, and it’s difficult, if not impossible, to track their effectiveness. The KIVA Respect Multi-channel Marketing software guarantees that a bank reaches its target audience because it gives banks the ability to present marketing and sales messages to prospects and customers as they interact with the institution. Whenever and wherever customers show up, the message is delivered.

The KIVA software enables a bank to leverage the channel investments its already made (teller and call center desktops, ATMs, mobile devices, the web, etc.), to execute a highly cost-effective and personalized approach to marketing.

With Respect MCM, banks gain the flexibility to adjust marketing messages, as well as the terms of offers “on the fly” based on real-time input (response) from prospects and customers. It allows a bank to centrally control the message, the offer, the duration and the frequency across any or all delivery channels simultaneously. This eliminates the repetitive steps an administrator or marketing manager has to take today in order to set up campaigns for each disparate channel. As a result, banks are able to quickly react to the competition and easily fine-tune campaigns/offers to improve sales results.

The KIVA solution tracks all marketing activity in real-time, giving banks immediate insight into campaign effectiveness and it applies real-time routing — from the moment an offer is resented through to closure. For example, if a customer says no to a particular offer, the system will automatically remove that offer from all channels. The bank gets immediate feedback, and the customer isn’t approached again with that particular offer. When an offer is accepted, customers or opportunities will automatically be routed to service representatives or agents for fulfillment, or to the back-office for follow-up per the bank’s pre-defined business rules.

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