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Loan Modification Scam Information for Your Customers
Beware of Foreclosure Rescue and Loan Modification Scams

The FDIC has created a brochure to help educate homeowners on foreclosure scams. Hand this out to your customers to help protect them from scammers. 

Guidance to Financial Institutions on Filing Suspicious Activity Reports regarding Loan Modification/Foreclosure Rescue Scams
The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network is issuing this advisory to highlight loan modification/foreclosure rescue scams so that financial institutions may better assist law enforcement when filing Suspicious Activity Reports.

Money Matters
Federal Trade Commission
The FTC produced a video on how to avoid scams as part of its inter-agency crackdown, dubbed "Operation Loan Lies."

Federal and State Agencies Crack Down on Mortgage Modification and Foreclosure Rescue Scams
The FTC announced five law enforcement actions against operations using deceptive tactics to market their mortgage modification and home foreclosure relief services, including firms that marketed their “services” by giving the false impression they were affiliated with the federal government.

FBI: Beware of Loan Modification Scams
According to the Justice Department, San Joaquin Valley has been a hotbed for loan modification scams, as cities like Stockton, Modesto and Merced top the foreclosure rankings among cities nationwide.

Free Loan Modification Help for Homeowners
This blog has been providing free foreclosure help, information and safe tools to struggling homeowners since early 2007.

Predatory Loan Modifications: Ex-Mortgage and Real Estate Brokers Targeting Struggling Homeowners
This scam is really a $250 robbery and theft case to me and is probably being operated on the kitchen table by and ex- loan officer or Realtor.

Federal, State Partners Announce Multi-Agency Crackdown Targeting Foreclosure Rescue Scams, Loan Modification Fraud
FinCEN conducted recent studies on mortgage fraud that found that between July 2002 and June 2008, depository institutions filed nearly 180,000 mortgage fraud suspicious activity reports.

FTC considering ban on loan modification scams
The head of the Federal Trade Commission said Thursday the agency is considering banning upfront payments to companies that advertise help for borrowers who are in trouble on their home loans.

Foreclosure rate ebbs, but still plagues AZ
Phoenix Business Journal
Arizona posted the nation’s second highest state foreclosure rate in the third quarter, with one in every 53 housing units receiving a foreclosure filing. Nevada had the worst rate, with one of every 23 housing units affected.

State Bar Takes Action to Aid Homeowners in Foreclosure Crisis
State Bar of California
The State Bar of California, alarmed by the number of lawyers preying on vulnerable homeowners, today identified 16 attorneys who are under investigation for misconduct related to loan modification.

State of California Office of the Attorney General
5 Tips to Avoid Being Scammed

Foreclosure Scams Are Target of Crackdown
Washington Post
Too many have taken on monikers similar to government agencies and other nonprofit groups offering help, federal officials maintain. For example, many companies use the word "hope" in their title, similar to Hope Now, an alliance of mortgage lenders, and Hope for Homeowners, a foreclosure-prevention program run by HUD.

Loan Modification Scam PSA
This Public Service Announcement in New York discusses some of the most common loan modification scams and provides helpful resources for NYC homeowners.

Hope Now

Department of Real Estate