Lodo Software D3 Banking

D3 Banking provides a comprehensive Data Driven Digital banking experience that redefines the interaction of financial institutions with their customers in the digital world.

1. Access Via Any Digital Channel: D3 Banking provides an extensible set of banking services that can be accessed from any digital channel. As customers migrate to the mobile world, Fls must provide their services in a consistent, integrated manner to any customer access point - D3 Banking does this.

2. Consistent User Experience On Any Device: D3 Banking utilizes the latest in design techniques optimizing the user experience to any digital device. The solution detects the type of device being used and adapts the presentation of services accordingly. All of the D3 Banking services are exposed via an API, allowing Fls to easily adjust the set of banking services accessible from a specific device.

3. Powerful Data Analytics: The D3 Banking solution has the ability to use data to personalize the banking services and digital experience to individual customers allowing Fls to create differentiated services and offerings.

4. Personalized Campaigns: D3 Banking allows Fls to create campaigns that can be delivered via messages, banner ads or email. The data within D3 Banking is used to tailor these campaigns to the needs of customers. For example, if a FI wanted to create a mortgage refinance campaign D3 Banking determines which customers fit the target attributes, e.g., an existing mortgage they pay more than 5 percent interest on and a net worth exceeding $100K. D3 Banking personalizes the offer by linking the benefits directly to the customer's needs suggesting where the savings might be applied against their other financial goals, e.g., paying off credit card debt or saving for retirement. For more information, contact mcarter(at)d3banking.com.

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