Malauzai Software iPad Plus with Better Mobile

Malauzai Software provides full-service mobile banking SmartApps to community financial institutions to help them quickly meet the demand for mobile services and avoid losing customers to the big banks.

Malauzai launched its iPad Plus SmartApp with Better Mobile to meet the rising rate of tablet usage. As consumers move away from accessing their data on PCs, Malauzai wants to ensure that they have a unique and streamlined experience through the iPad.

iPad Plus was built to expand on mobile banking capabilities, not replicate mobile phone apps and takes advantage of the larger tablet screen to enhance navigation capabilities. Accounts are displayed on scrolling tiles instead of lists, and users can have more than one workspace open at a time.

The Better Mobile features provide the basic personal financial management tools most used by consumers. Future Cash Calendar tracks pending bills, P2P payments and other activity and calculates what the balance will be on the date of the pending money movement. Scratch Pad notes paper checks not yet withdrawn and accounts for them in the balance. Cash Flow tracks money in and money out in a simple bar chart.  

The iPad Plus interface is customized to each institution and can also be mirrored in another language. “This app was built for us and you can see that on every screen.” said Amy Fincher Ratliff, senior vice president for Malauzai customer Worthington Federal Bank. “Our clients are thrilled and compliment the user-friendliness of the iPad SmartApp.”

iPad Plus is user-focused. While many iPad apps look like websites, iPad Plus is built like an app with scrolling account panes and workspaces, allowing more info to be viewed at once. Better Mobile features can be activated individually based on user preference.

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