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Mobile vs. Digital Wallets

Mobile Payments Options: 3 Types Explained
Business News Daily
What's the difference between a mobile wallet and a digital wallet? The answer to that question is simple: Digital wallets aren't mobile.

If PayPal Offered a Mobile Wallet, 8 in 10 Consumers Would Use It
Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group Mobile Wallet Study Finds Banks are at Risk of Losing Market Share to Emerging Competitors

comScore Study Highlights Digital Wallet Market Potential and Current Adoption Barriers
While 93 percent of consumers would prefer to use a digital wallet that has to be unlocked before use, an average of just 57 percent of respondents across the brands studied realized after having reviewed the digital wallet website that this locking feature was available.

Mobile Payments Solutions Found Secure; Consumer Security Adoption Concerns
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
The paper examines the primary security differences between the mobile wallet vs. a digital wallet.

Digital Wallet Survey: Despite All the Digital Wallet Buzz, Few Consumers Understand Or Use One
Digital Transactions
New research from comScore Inc. says that very few consumers understand what a digital wallet is and even fewer have used one, the notable exception being PayPal Inc.

Mobile Wallets' Allure: Payments or Paper Trail?
Payments Source
48% of the consumers surveyed were interested in mobile wallets, and that receipt and documentation management was the second-most desired feature behind payment choice, according to Carlisle and Gallagher Consulting Group.

The Future of Money in a Mobile Age
Pew Internet & American Life Project
Overall, a majority of these respondents supported the scenario that by 2020 most people will have embraced and fully adopted the use of smart-device swiping for purchases they make, nearly eliminating the need for cash or credit cards.

Banks Face Competition on Mobile Wallets Study
More than half of the consumers interested in paying for goods with their smart phones do not want the service provided by their main bank, according to a study.

Will You Be Ready When Mobile Wallets Turn Banking Upside Down?
The Financial Brand
Soon nearly 100 percent of all transactions will be 100 percent digital, and consumers will be able to conduct and manage nearly every one of them through their mobile devices.