MoneyDesktop Insight and Target

Insight and Target, by MoneyDesktop are designed to enable financial institutions to aggregate data from a PFM user’s banking activity. With all financial account information being provided by PFM, banks can better understand their account holder’s banking relationships, both inside and outside of their institution, as well as develop targeted marketing campaigns.

Insight gives banks access to information they have never had before — how their customers use competing institutions. This analytics tool pulls data based on an account holder’s use of MoneyDesktop’s PFM tools, such as financial growth, spending and interest rates on competing banking products. PFM data from aggregated accounts is the only source of this external information.

Using data reports created with Insight, Target helps banks plan, create, launch and track marketing campaigns within a matter of minutes. Data is displayed with a simple, intuitive user interface, making it easy for bank marketing teams and executives to quickly create, deploy and track powerful, contextualized campaigns. Using customized ad materials created by MoneyDesktop’s award-winning creative team, campaigns are launched with the touch of a button.

Insight and Target increase customer acquisition and retention. Banks can target an exact group of customers to reach and even feature their products and offers alongside PFM users’ existing products, including those related to external accounts. The ads display the exact amount a customer can save by switching that particular account, such as a lower interest car loan or credit card.

Insight and Target enable even the smallest bank to leverage mobile and online marketing to increase wallet share. These products allow banks to leverage PFM user data to launch marketing campaigns without an entire team dedicated to it, saving significant costs.