MoneyDesktop MoneyMobile

With the launch of MoneyMobile, MoneyDesktop put the power of personal financial management tools in users’ hands. PFM expands online and mobile offerings and improves overall customer retention rates. The tools help banks establish themselves as financial hubs for customers, providing users with the ability to track all of their finances in one place while providing a meaningful way for them to interact with their finances.  

MoneyDesktop is one of the only PFM providers to expand to the mobile channel. Many analysts and industry experts agree that giving consumers access to PFM through the mobile device is one of the key ways to increase adoption rates.

MoneyMobile boasts a fun, simple and powerful user interface. For example, archaic and hard to interpret bar charts are replaced with innovative Bubble Budgets. These circles of various sizes and colors make it easy for customers to quickly evaluate their budget’s status at a glance. According to Kristin Marcuccilli, COO at STAR Financial Bank (a MoneyDesktop client), “Users love interacting with the bubbles and moving them around on the screen to change priorities and limits.”

MoneyMobile provides a seamless transition between a user’s mobile device and the desktop widgets provided within online banking. From either device, users find the same interface and data, updated in real time from anywhere. The ease of use is thanks to MoneyDesktop’s patent-pending aggregation engine, which pulls from multiple sources to provide the best possible aggregation experience in the industry.

MoneyMobile uses past spending history to provide budgeting advice based on actual user behavior. This personalized and realistic approach motivates users to dive deeper into their finances and adopt budgeting into their daily spending decisions. MoneyMobile helps users achieve goals by emphasizing the positive benefits of budgeting and by encouraging users to make smart financial decisions.