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Proponents of Suspension of Mark-to-Market

ABA calls on SEC to override recent FASB guidance on fair value
The American Bankers Association sent a letter urging the SEC to address in a more meaningful way the problems of using fair value in dysfunctional markets.

The mark to market fiasco
Financial Post
JPMorgan got to pick up the legendary Wall Street investment bank for a nominal price, much the same way the nice lady at the garage sale lets you walk off with that ugly lamp for $2. Just get it out of my garage.

Financial Socialism? No Thanks
This would be a temporary solution--one that doesn't require any ultimate change in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act or mark-to-market accounting rules--and the government could even make money by selling insurance with less risk to the taxpayer than buying it outright.

Newt Gingrich: Suspend Mark-To-Market Now!

While Congress and the White House consider next steps, the Treasury and its fellow regulators should follow their own counsel and take without delay the one regulatory action within their discretion that can help immediately to calm markets and dramatically reduce the taxpayer risk in any necessary government intervention: suspend mark-to-market.

Wilbur Ross: Mark-to-market was a mistake
Wilbur Ross said the main problems with the rules, were that accounting treatments for the exact same security can be different for different companies, based on whether they decide to hold them to maturity, or mark-them-to market as part of a trading portfolio.

Miller: Dump the Mark-to-Market Rules
There is an increasing chorus of support for one key factor behind the problem: last year's implementation of FAS 157. This well-intentioned measure, introduced by accountants to avoid a Japan-like situation where institutions maintained assets on the books at unreasonable prices, instituted a procedure for mark-to-market evaluation. It is a good idea, implemented at the wrong time in the wrong way.

Momentum Gathers to Ease Mark-to-Market Accounting Rule
Wall Street Journal
Some members of Congress say easing the mark-to-market rules could help taxpayers avoid billions of dollars in potential costs by allowing banks to avoid booking losses on securities that might have value after the credit-market crisis has passed.

How to Start the Healing Now
Wall Street Journal
Fix accounting rules and private money will come.