Panini Vision neXt

The Panini Vision neXt minimizes the effects of the most common variables in check capture, the environment, operator and document quality. \ It features:

1. A Patent-pending automatic document alignment system to ensure transaction accuracy and integrity. It eliminates the need to hand jog or machine jog items, increasing productivity and creating dramatic savings related to rework and errors.

2. Multi-format document capture, including checks, stubs, ID cards, to fully extend investment to document and  transaction automation. Transaction capture options can be further extended to magnetic cards, EMV cards and the connection of USB peripherals, maximizing investment protection.

3. Economical multi-function printer to enable a wide range of printing capabilities in  one compact and cost effective device. Advanced Graphics Printer capable of printing customer receipts, endorsements, validations and more. Prints up to 14 lines of text and graphic images including logos and check images.

4. Streamlined productivity delivering processing speeds (up to 160 DPM) capable of satisfying the most time sensitive and demanding check capture environments.

5. Enhanced ergonomic design and automatic calibration capabilities to maximize ease-of-use and end user productivity.

6. Completely integrated exception pocket to efficiently and effectively manage exceptions such as foreign items or transaction rejects.