Parascript FormXtra Capture

FormXtra Capture gives banks the ability to more easily capture information from a wide variety of documents, including checks and remittances, alongside other forms, with its check recognition engine now built in to the software. Banks get a one-stop shop to process more sources of information, and data types, in a single stream.

FormXtra Capture provides banks and integrators access to Parascript’s recognition technologies, for recognizing machine print, handprint and cursive writing, through an easy-to-use graphical user interface. The software is known for providing some of the highest read rates in the industry.

FormXtra Capture processes structured, as well as semi-structured forms, and images that do not perfectly match a pre-defined template (i.e., scaled-down faxes and tables that may not be discretely defined). It can also assess field relationships to aid with location of data for extraction and can locate complex field types (e.g. addresses, multi-lined fields), improving the range of data types that can be processed.

FormXtra provides financial institutions and their technology partners:

  • A convenient, one-stop shop to capture content from more sources and data types, including the ability to process checks, either alone or in conjunction with a stream of other documents, such as remittances, with a single technology.
  • Unique opportunities to improve productivity and customer service in both lockbox and back-office processing, in addition to branch/teller processing.
  • Easy access to Parascript’s world-class recognition engines through a new web services capability that simplifies mobile and distributed capture development and integration with other technologies.
  • New, flexible pay-as-you-go subscription, and per-click based pricing, allowing companies to have a truly integrated document capture strategy without the large upfront capital expense.
  • Greater security in forms processing, enabling a single field, or snippet in question, to be sent to keyers for confirmation, valuable in financial industries, where information privacy is paramount.