Personetics Digital Banker

Personetics Digital Banker makes banking easier and more convenient.

Consumers expect immediate answers to their questions — no matter how they contact you. 24/7 self-service continues to increase in popularity. Institutions need to leverage each customer interaction to strengthen their relationship. Implementing technology that can address this across multiple service channels and deliver a superior customer experience will enable a firm to pull ahead of the competition.

Personetics Digital Banker lets financial services firms deploy a technology-driven service that empowers consumers to be more self-sufficient and delivers a superior experience while reducing operating costs.

Digital Banker anticipates customers’ needs and approaches them with relevant solutions. Our sophisticated analytics engine works behind the scenes to predict why the person is contacting you – and provides relevant solutions quickly and accurately. This unique approach presents customers with the most appropriate solution and personalizes their experiences.

Digital Banker can be deployed across multiple channels, including Web, mobile or phone (IVR). Users can interact with the system using voice and text.

Unique Disruptors:

1. The solution “learns” from individual customer interactions as well as “crowd” behavior to determine the likelihood of a relevant solution (utilizes predictive analytics and Transactional Data Profiles).

2. Users can change channels mid-stream and pick up the conversation — right where they left off. We are unique in this service approach. This experience will resonate with your users and help to drive loyalty and more utilization of the programs and services you’re offering.

3. Consistent user experience across all channels. One software — all channels.

4. Smart Recommendations — Digital Banker provides relevant recommendations during the interaction to help users take control of the banking experience and their finances.