Personetics helps banks convert passive digital users into active digital adopters by:

  • Bringing relevant issues, features and services to the forefront during every interaction.
  • Delivering recommendations and solutions that are relevant, personalized and contextual.
  • Reducing the need for customers to search for answers or information.
  • Highlighting potential problem areas before they become issues. 
  • Creating a seamless experience across all self-service channels.

Accurately Predict Customer Needs

Customers are not fully leveraging the capabilities of the digital channels, with the vast majority of digital users simply checking balances and reviewing recent transactions. Personetics proactively engages customers with contextual and personalized assistance options, focusing them on items important to them and helping them with their day-to-day banking needs while highlighting issues as they occur.

Out-of-the-Box Solution for Banking

The solution includes several hundred topics out-of-the-box specific to banking. Having the business logic already available means Personetics is doing the work for customers giving them added value each time they access the bank’s digital applications. Once the customer is engaged, Personetics personalizes the resolution process including needed navigational assistance and pre-population of relevant forms.

Consistent Experience Across all Channels

It does not matter which channel the customer chooses, Personetics automatically prioritizes the most relevant services to help them quickly answer questions or solve problems. Data integration is performed once and is used to support any number of customer-facing channels. Interactions started in one channel can be picked-up in another channel at a later time without the customer having to repeat anything.

Managing Costs

FIs are investing heavily in their digital channels to reduce cost of service. Personetics delivers personalized intelligent guidance at the moment of interaction and eliminates unnecessary calls into a call center. Some of our clients have seen more than 90 percent call deflection when Personetics has been invoked.

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