Plansmith BankersGPS

BankersGPS is an online planning tool that simplifies the process of creating rolling forecasts, managing risks and analyzing performance to peers. It has been significantly enhanced to help community bankers easily respond to growing regulatory complexities. Executives save time, make better business decisions, satisfy examiners and improve performance.

These benefits make BankersGPS deserving of the Innovative Solutions Award:

1. IMPROVE EFFICIENCIES: BankersGPS is so easy to use it's available on the iPad. No installation, no data entry, no technical training needed. Bankers gain valuable strategic and competitive insights from the moment they log in. Point-and-click editing features allow for easy adjustments to modify forecasts, test ideas and evaluate risks. 

2. BENCHMARK PERFORMANCE: The system is automatically updated each quarter with latest results and unique three-year projections for every bank in the country. With this information at their fingertips, bankers can compare key performance metrics, loan quality and more to custom peers. The newest enhancement lets clients merge banks, immediately see the results and measure the benefits of the combined bank.

3. EASIER WAY TO STAY COMPLIANT: Regulators emphasize the importance of forward-looking risk analysis. BankersGPS has been enhanced to include a simplified, effective approach to satisfy growing regulatory demands for stress testing capital, cash flows, rate risk and loan quality. 

4. GREATER CLARITY: The most critical elements of a bank's performance brought together in one integrated system. Bankers get a high-level view of their bank's performance compared to peers, with the capability to drill down where more analysis is needed. Graphs, charts, and narrative clarify and communicate in seconds what other systems take pages of data to report. 

5. EVALUATE OPPORTUNITIES: ‘What-if?’ simulation with immediate feedback and online sharing capabilities make this the perfect tool for collaboration. Bankers can test ideas, modify projections, document assumptions and formulate action plans.

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