ProfitStars SmartSight

SmartSight complements Enterprise Payment Solutions' remote deposit capture, ACH and card transactions solutions by providing aggregate dashboard reports of their payment data. Banks have the ability to graphically view and drill down on important customer, business segment and key summary level information. Access to such data enables decision-makers to make strategic business decisions, optimize areas of success in their payments programs and proactively adjust to shifts in the marketplace.

The most standout reasons that SmartSight warrants an Innovative Solutions Award include:

1. SmartSight is a unique business intelligence solution for monitoring cross-channel risk and transaction activity at the FI, business and location levels.

2. It provides a more accurate performance assessment of RDC and ACH business customers, as well as the knowledge and foresight to acquire and monitor new customers and adjust to shifts in the marketplace.

3. FFIEC guidance requires that banks monitor RDC and ACH transaction activity and risk. In addition to providing data visualization tools that help assist in meeting FFIEC examiner expectations, SmartSight gives banks the knowledge to optimize areas of success and adjust to shifts in the marketplace. SmartSight eliminates much of the administrative burden of analyzing reports, and simplifies communications and workflow.

4. SmartSight is an unparalleled risk mitigation tool, enabling bankers to identify specific trends over time and react faster than ever before. SmartSight provides drill down capabilities, allowing the user to perform analysis by SEC codes and return reasons in its ACH transaction data. This will aid with meeting NACHA’s recently amended rule that shortens the amount of time banks have for return rate reporting.

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