ProfitStars Gladiator eCommercial SAT

Gladiator eCommercial Security Awareness Training (eCommercial SAT) is a convenient, Web-based training program designed to help financial institutions comply with the FFIECís supplemental guidance to its Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment report, which called for action by Jan. 1, 2012. More than 25 financial institutions have implemented eCommercial SAT to date, surpassing 3,000 businesses registered to participate.

The eCommercial SAT solution is deserving of an Innovative Solutions Award for these primary reasons:

1. It provides customized tools for financial institutions to educate their commercial customers on evolving online fraud risks as well as best practices in managing those risks, helping to protect the confidentiality and integrity of online financial transactions.

2. It is designed to fill in any gaps of communication necessary to maintain an optimally secure online banking environment experience. It addresses internal and external threats unique to the commercial banking customersí online financial transactions, educates them on identity protection and details the highest security practices.

3. Gladiatorís IT Regulatory Compliance experts develop an easy-to-understand Web-based training program for each institution, recorded webcast and ongoing communications on the latest threats to online banking customers.

4. Its reporting capabilities enable financial institutions to track customer acknowledgement and information retention via quiz scores. Detailed reports allow financial institutions to keep track of pertinent customer information.

5. It includes a business threats and controls module for educating internal financial institution personnel that interact with online banking customers.

Examiners are expected to assess financial institutionsí electronic banking compliance and security standards against the new FFIEC guidance this year, and customer education is an area likely to be scrutinized. Gladiatorís eCommercial SAT contains compelling information that financial institutions can measure and report, helping them implement an ongoing communication strategy for their commercial customers.

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