QuestSoft Compliance EAGLE

QuestSoft’s flagship software Compliance EAGLE enables lenders to fully automate the entire compliance review process by integrating with leading loan origination systems. The proprietary rule sets used to identify regulatory exceptions provide users with instant exceptions on various federal, state, and investor guidelines and changes.

Compliance EAGLE is a leading mortgage compliance software that community banks can use to ensure every loan meets federal, state and local regulations in addition to meeting investor standards.

1. Compliance EAGLE is now integrated into two of CoreLogic’s products. In 2012, the software was integrated into CoreLogic’s Flood program and its Risk Review Services (LoanSafe suite) for borrower and collateral fraud. The software’s integration into CoreLogic’s LoanSafe suite has widened its availability to seven additional LOS through QuestSoft’s already-established integrations. This integration minimizes risk, maximizes fraud detection and achieves compliance from one central platform. 

2. In November 2012, Compliance EAGLE was updated to support title reissue rates to its RESPA Closing Fee service. A number of enhancements were also made during this time, including updates to its Mavent Review NMLS Verification Service for FHA 203K loans, the publication of a new IP address range, additional support for North Carolina quarterly reports and the added ability to reduce bona fide discount points from certain state high-cost tests and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 5 percent tests.

3. Income and Social Security Review services were added to Compliance EAGLE’s list of functionalities in March 2013; enabling users to satisfy the Internal Revenue Service’s recent mandate of accepting e-Signatures through QuestSoft’s 4506-T application.

4. QuestSoft added the new Mavent NMLS Review Service to Compliance EAGLE in June 2013 to help users satisfy investor guidelines and regulatory mandates in one system.