Quorum Recovery Solution

Here’s a quick overview of why we believe the updated and enhanced Quorum Solution is a winning resolution for banks:

Reason #1: Effective & Reliable 

Quorum maintains up-to-date, ready-to-run virtual machine clones of critical systems that can run on an appliance, or in the cloud. Quorum’s technology includes ultra-efficient incremental updates by sending a single copy of only the actual changes to any of your files minimizing storage and bandwidth use. 

Reason #2: It’s Sophisticated, Yet Affordable

Quorum helps banks and other businesses recover their data within minutes of a disaster. It’s more than backup, offering enterprise-level capabilities — but at a much lower price point. Businesses gain the advantages of a virtualized data center without the cost and complexity.

Reason #3: One Click Recovery & Testing Keeps Your Business up & Running

Banks must meet stringent compliance standards for data protection and recovery, yet many banks rarely test their systems because it’s so time-consuming and laborious. Quorum automates the testing process, providing a complete package for your backup, recovery and continuity solution. Automatic testing eliminates tapes and reduces an intensive procedure, which can take as long as several days to an automatic process that takes minutes.

Reason #4: Why Customers Love the Quorum Solution

“The cost of the onQ solution is relatively inexpensive if you compare it with alternatives. Not only does onQ provide complete copies of our servers, but if the servers go down, we can boot a virtual server within 5-10 minutes and seamlessly recover our data!” [Marquette Savings Bank]

"Keeping our network and server running smoothly is very important to us. We used to utilize tape backup, and if a server went down with our previous system, it could have taken up to three days to bring it back online. That would have caused a grave interruption to the service that we provide our clients. Now we use the QuorumLabs onQ recovery solution, and we can be back up in minutes." [(FMD), PLC, accounting and financial consulting firm]