RES.NET Valuation Portal

RES.NETís Valuation Portal enables financial institutions to acquire property values from appraisers and agents for all loan types. Through the comprehensive online valuations management solution, users manage and track the progress of orders and all parties have a transparent view of status updates and activities in real time. It greatly reduces compliance concerns by ensuring accuracy and timeliness of valuations. In todayís more-regulated environment, valuations cannot simply be accepted as is, and the Valuation Portal manages the due diligence that must be conducted.

1. The portal facilitates compliance, providing comprehensive quality control while at the same time, reducing timelines. It thoroughly examines valuations against comparable data for sold and listed properties and provides a risk analysis on a valuationís accuracy. Users more easily uphold compliance by using the portal to track timelines, cost analysis, vendor and/or AMC compliance as well as valuation variances. The portal identifies the licensing and insurance of vendors and notifies users should a vendor account show any fraudulent activity.

2. Enhanced reporting features instantly provide users pre-formatted internal and client reports. The Valuation Portal also offers additional, detailed reporting tools that enable users to create customized reports to meet their specific business needs.

3. Order assignments allow users to access RES.NETís database of qualified agents and appraisers and automatically or manually assign properties, especially benefitting companies with large volumes to manage.
4. The Valuation Portal is housed in SAS70/SSAE16 compliant environments and as with all RES.NET portals, is continually enhanced to ensure users can meet the latest regulatory requirements.