Recovery Solutions Comprehensive Business Continuity Solutions

Recovery Solutions has enhanced its collection of disaster recovery and business continuity products and services to include the development of comprehensive business continuity plans for community banks. Although there are many business continuity tools in the market, these tools are generally very complex and not well suited for community banks. These robust tools can often be difficult to navigate and leave some organizations with incomplete or ineffective plans.

Recovery Solutions has developed a community bank-focused  Disaster Recovery Business Impact Analysis/Risk Assessment toolkit that provides an efficient means of assessing risk, reporting the disaster recovery risk profile to senior management, and developing contingency plans, as well as, test plans and employee training plans that are commensurate with the risks identified.

Recovery Solutions provides risk assessment tools, emergency and incident management forms, general business continuity consulting, turnkey BCP development, training and testing tools, as well as, telephone support to the organizationís business continuity program coordinator before and during regulatory exams.

The Recovery Solutions business continuity consulting staff has helped many organizations develop meaningful business continuity plans that not only comply with FFIEC guidance, but have proved to be useful to bank staff when testing their plans, as well as when they have incurred minor outages.

The Recovery Solutions consulting staff also specializes in information technology strategic planning, information security program development and risk assessment, and vendor management and risk assessment. As each of these elements of the FFIEC Information Technology Exam Scope dovetail with disaster recovery planning and testing, the Recovery Solutions staff is available for program development in each of these operations of compliance disciplines. Additionally, we ensure that these associated policies and procedures are considered when developing business continuity plans for our clients.

Recovery Solutions has the staff, the expertise and the mobile bank facilities and technology to provide turn-key business continuity solutions for the financial industry.  

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