Secure Dedicated Satellite Connectivity to Service Bureau for Disaster Recovery Testing or Live Restoration

Recovery Solutions provides a turn-key disaster recovery solution designed exclusively for the banking industry. With the ever-increasing regulatory pressure to develop and test business continuity planning, RS is consistently striving to enhance its solution. Its annual LiveSite testing program allows institutions to perform live transactions from within one of the company's mobile bank facilities utilizing its expertise, technology and high-speed satellite communication networks.

Recovery Solutions' fully encrypted 3DES secure Satellite network provides a secure connection to core processors, Internet, and voice over Internet protocol communication. RS has enhanced its satellite communications to now provide a dedicated circuit directly to the leading service bureau. Any of its satellite dish networks have the ability to securely transmit banking data directly through a managed MPLS circuit into the service bureau. The dedicated circuit allows clients to securely conduct all banking applications over satellite in the event of a disaster or for annual testing.

Key benefits:

  • Communications solution provides direct data transmission via dedicated circuit directly to the core provider through any Recovery Solutions satellite network.
  • Ability to test interfaces (upload and boarding processes) between third-party loan and deposit origination applications.
  • Availability to securely access banking data faster in a LiveSite test or in an actual disaster environment.
  • Restore virtual images to fully test the banking applications.
  • Portable high-speed satellite networks with auto-deployment delivered anytime anywhere to access data center.
  • Increased processing speeds via dedicated MPLS circuit between RS and leading service bureau.
  • Secure network monitoring during each LiveSite test.
  • Encrypted vLAN network communication provides another level of security over RS Satellite networks.
  • Fully functional mobile branch office with comprehensive computer network technology package.
  • Trusted managed MPLS circuit, routers and networks.

RS works to ensure successful testing, communications and full restoration efforts.

Recovery Solutions