Safe Systems NetComply

Safe Systems’ NetComply is the only solution that is specifically tailored for banks that integrates the critical functions a bank needs — IT operations and compliance. The NetComply solution provides proactive remote monitoring and alerting, preventative maintenance, ticketing, support, and reporting for servers, workstations and other devices. NetComply’s centralized tool set can be accessed anytime/anywhere via the NetComply portal.

NetComply’s key features include patch management, antivirus, hardware and software inventory management, vulnerability remediation, and documentation reporting to verify that the bank’s network is adhering to regulatory policies and procedures. NetComply also includes consulting services for banks to increase compliance posture such as technology committee guidance, compliance guidance (e.g. pre- and post-exam support), strategic IT planning, and critical health checks such as annual and quarterly system reviews.

New enhancement made to NetComply (September 2011): Critical Application Patching Service Kaspersky Lab, a leader in IT security, released a 2011 report outlining their latest vulnerability findings for popular software applications. They found popular products like Adobe and Java were now producing the top 10 IT security vulnerabilities. Safe Systems’ CAPS was developed to mitigate the risks of running these unpatched programs and automate the time-consuming process of researching, testing and deploying new patches. CAPS delivers quick, accurate and secure patch updates to all workstation and servers running Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Adobe Flash for Internet Explorer, Java Runtime Environment and QuickTime.

4 reasons why NetComply should receive the Innovative Solutions Award:

  • NetComply reduces costs and saves time by automating tedious and redundant tasks, and increases compliance posture to satisfy the FFIEC guidelines.
  • This network management tool provides banks with built-in compliance features such as customized compliance reporting and documentation for quick and easy preparation for audits and exams.
  • NetComply’s technology is engineered to detect problems and trends across our wide client base of banks, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency (e.g. predicted hardware failure, Active Directory problems, Exchange problems, critical Windows service failures, backup failures, viruses and spyware).
  • NetComply provides the industry-leading robust patch management system. This solution tests patches based on FFIEC standards then consolidates every client's patching, allowing a wider view of results across core providers, operating systems, and software suites, reducing the risk of patch issues and downtime with bank specific applications and configurations.

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