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ATM Association Urges Global Payment Networks to Standardize ATM Roadmap for Chip Card Migration in U.S.


March 12 - The ATMIA in the U.S. has published an open letter to Global Payment Networks advocating a realistic, consistent approach to chip card migration for ATM deployers and operators, specifically relating to the resulting imminent liability shift.  In just 42 days, on April 19, ATM owners and operators will become responsible for foreign transaction fraud at any of the more than 425,000 U.S. machines. Conversely, the retail merchant liability timeline extends to 2015.

The letter asserts that this deadline is not achievable because a proven solution that can be consistently rolled out to the entire network has not been created or agreed upon by the Payment Networks and the ATM industry. The near term issue with the deadline is not only the ATM operators’ inability to deploy a workable solution, but the fact that they are not permitted to decline transactions that may be fraudulent. And, there are significant longer-term issues that need resolution, including software development in numerous areas and the specific testing and certification procedures that will be required by all ATM networks and processors.

“If changes aren’t made to this deadline, the end result could be that some ATMs might be taken out of service. Particularly hard hit may be tourist areas where the volumes of foreign transactions trend higher,” said David Tente, ATMIA U.S. executive director. “With consistent roll out requirements and reasonable liability shift timing, the industry will have a better chance at being successful and minimizing service disruptions.” For the complete letter and more about ATMIA go to

The ATM Industry Association ( established in 1997, is a non-profit global trade association with more than 3,700 members in 60 countries. As an independent, non-profit trade association, our mission is: to promote ATM convenience, growth and usage worldwide; to protect the ATM industry's assets, interests, good name and public trust; and to provide education, best practices, political voice and networking opportunities for member organizations.