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The Common Pain of Bank Facility Managers

By: Chad Depew

Banks have been challenged to operate their facilities with smaller budgets and fewer resources. Today, bank facility managers are asked to:

These challenges require methods to manage existing buildings and equipment, while providing needed services to employees and tenants. In addition, new laws and regulatory compliance have created more requirements to gather and track information in a secured environment.

One of the most compelling solutions to many of these challenges is the utilization of a computerized maintenance management system, also known as CMMS.

Until recently, the high cost and difficulty of implementing server-based facility management software solutions have prevented a large segment of banks from using CMMS technology to help them organize, track and solve their issues.

INTRUST Bank — System Operational Assessment

Wichita, Kan.-based INTRUST Bank had been using an in-house developed email request system that was using spreadsheets to track work history and recurring preventive maintenance events. The existing system worked because of the great staff and the bank’s trusted vendor service providers, but INTRUST knew it could do better. The executive management team decided to perform a process assessment of the current tools and methods to create a benchmark set of conditions and then look for a solution to help it better manage the work and the staff.

After completing an assessment of the current tools and methods, the bank recognized multiple areas that were ripe with potential to improve. After some discussion, it was determined that a CMMS work-flow system would help it document all performed work and provide ongoing metrics of the progress. In the future, the metrics could be used to make informed decisions based on historical data.

After researching multiple CMMS products, it became clear the new Web-based systems offered many advantages: easy implementation, ease of use, secure 24/7 access, flexible configuration and low cost.

Another big plus of the Web-based solution was that it could be hosted from a secure cloud that did not impact the bank’s core internal LAN network or the IT department’s local server support.

After demonstrations of multiple products and talking with references, INTRUST Bank selected a Web-based solution from PropertyTRAK. It put together an implementation plan for converting all of the bank branches and training the employees to use the new PropertyTRAK CMMS. The bank started by creating a property structure of divisions, properties and departments. It was able to put groups of properties under geographical divisions (i.e., Topeka Division, Kansas City Division). It then uploaded all of the equipment details, employee users, staff users, managers and vendor companies. The basic implementation was just a few days and the training and adoption of the new system was successful.

During the next few weeks, the employees fully embraced the CMMS system. It was a successful implementation for two reasons:

1) It was mandatory to switch over to the new CMMS system, and the bank set a hard date when it would not support the old method of submitting requests for services.

2) The new system was simple and easy to learn. The automated email updates and shared information regarding each request were appreciated and the employees felt empowered to be a part of the bank operations request and resolve process.

INTRUST started by converting its facilities department to the CMMS and within six months it had added the security department.

The bank now has its facility and security operational departments being managed by department managers with their separate staff and equipment, while bank employees use a common interface to submit their service requests to both departments. Now the internal network is more secure because it is totally separated from the CMMS operations and the required interaction with vendors.

Overall, the CMMS system has improved the bank’s methods for requesting, approving, scheduling, assigning and tracking its core operational processes and work orders. It has implemented best practices and consistent recurring procedures using the preventive maintenance templates and custom checklist procedures.

Objectives for improving operational efficiencies have been realized from using the system. Its operational costs have been reduced and everyone involved with using the new system greatly appreciates the ease of use and the collaborative communication it provides. The bank always looks for ways to continually improve its work processes and to recognize the staff and employees for the good ideas they suggest.

INTRUST would highly recommend to any other bank or business to consider using a Web-based CMMS system to provide better workflow processes and organizational tools for management, staff and vendors and to help provide great customer service to employees and tenants.

Chad Depew is facilities manager at INTRUST Bank, Wichita, Kan. Contact him at chad.depew(at) or 316-383-1156.

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