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2012 Innovative Solutions Award Winners



The Innovative Solutions Awards, now in their fifth year, are recognized as the most prestigious awards for companies helping community banks improve their operations, be more competitive, enhance their technical capabilities and increase their profitability. BankNews received more than 30 entries in four categories and readers cast more than 1,000 votes on Congratulations to this year’s winners!




KICTeam Waffletechnology
Founded in 2008, KICTeam designs and manufactures custom cleaning solutions for maintaining equipment from today’s leading OEMs. KICTeam’s mission is to design and manufacture innovative disposables that reduce the maintenance and ownership cost of specialty hardware. 

The concept behind Waffletechnology is to achieve complete access to critical components within the equipment. Because optical lenses are rounded and most sensors are recessed, access cannot be achieved through the use of flat cleaning cards. The solution is simple: design a card that is not flat.

Waffletechnology cleaning cards incorporate flexible, raised platforms on their top and bottom surfaces. These cleaning platforms are essentially spring-loaded, significantly increasing the pressure applied to the internal components as the card passes through the mechanism. Not only is cleaning pressure increased, but also the platforms actually spring up into surface cavities to clean recessed sensors. Additionally, the leading and trailing surfaces of rounded optical lenses are effectively cleaned. Flat cards do not touch recessed sensors and, at best, only come into contact with the convex tip of a rounded optical lens. As the card is accepted into the mechanism and as it is dispensed by the mechanism, it is cleaning all surfaces.


AccuSystems AccuSign Pro
AccuSign Pro allows bank customers to electronically sign documents (such as signature cards) via a tablet device. The documents are then moved directly into AccuAccount Pro, automatically creating the customer and account (if necessary). AccuSign Pro works with any document preparation software, eliminates scanning and improves a bank’s operating efficiency. It is one of the only tablet-to-document management platforms available in the banking industry. AccuSign Pro offers the following features:

Leverages Tablet Technology — AccuSign Pro works with any off-the-shelf tablet to create synergies with the bank’s document management system (AccuAccount Pro).

Aligns With Green Initiatives at Banks — Banks can have customers review and sign documents (such as signature cards, loan documents and other files) electronically using any tablet device. This reduces dependency on printed documents.

Works With Any Document Preparation Software — AccuSign Pro works seamlessly with a bank’s existing document preparation system.

Improves Operational Efficiency — Preparing, printing and organizing signature documents requires significant administrative coordination over the course of a year. AccuSign Pro consolidates this entire process, eliminating much of the administrative work that has traditionally been required.

CSI | Financial Dashboard
Safe Systems | NetComply


ProfitStars Gladiator eCommerical SAT
Gladiator eCommercial Security Awareness Training (eCommercial SAT) is a Web-based training program designed to help financial institutions comply with the FFIEC’s supplemental guidance to its Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment report, which called for action by Jan. 1, 2012. More than 25 financial institutions have implemented eCommercial SAT, surpassing 3,000 businesses registered to participate.

The eCommercial SAT solution provides customized tools for financial institutions to educate their commercial customers on evolving online fraud risks as well as best practices in managing those risks, helping to protect the confidentiality and integrity of online financial transactions.

It is designed to fill in any gaps of communication necessary to maintain a secure online banking environment experience. It addresses internal and external threats unique to the commercial banking customers’ online financial transactions, educates them on identity protection and details the highest security practices.

Gladiator’s IT Regulatory Compliance experts develop a Web-based training program for each institution, recorded webcast and ongoing communications on the latest threats to online banking customers.

Examiners are expected to assess financial institutions’ electronic banking compliance and security standards against the new FFIEC guidance this year, and customer education is an area likely to be scrutinized. Gladiator’s eCommercial SAT contains compelling information that financial institutions can measure and report, helping them implement an ongoing communication strategy for their commercial customers.

ATTUS Technologies | Dodd-Frank Managed Compliance Module
Elan | eAdjust Plus Outsourced Dispute Processing


CSI Personal Financial Management Service
CSI’s PFM solution provides consumers a simple online portal for managing their financial accounts. With PFM, banks gain a competitive advantage by offering services usually available only at larger institutions, as well as the ability to analyze their customers’ entire financial portfolios. The service offers customers several tools aimed at making financial management easier, such as a dashboard, cashflow calendar, net-worth graphs, budgeting tools, expense tracking and financial goals.

CSI’s PFM tools are fully integrated into its Internet banking platform, which significantly improves the convenience and ease of online banking for financial institutions and banking customers through the use of the latest Web 2.0 technology. Banks using the solution experience substantial business benefits as a result of CSI’s Internet banking’s suite of interactive tools, which include customizable loan payment options, built-in marketing tools, integrated bill pay, moveable account widgets and a comprehensive corporate cash management solution for managing business accounts.

Primary benefits include increased customer loyalty and attracting younger customers to community and regional banks; competitive online services demanded by customers that traditionally have been the domain of larger banks; expanded insight into bank customers’ entire financial portfolio and targeted relevant products and services based on financial profile; reduced customer service costs, because common reasons for contacting the bank are managed on the mobile device or Internet banking; and reduced environmental impact due to reduction in paper statements and mailed notices.

CoNetrix | tandem Internet Banking Security Program
ProfitStars | Mobile Website

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