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Johnson Financial Group Eliminates Errors, Saves Hundreds of Hours With MobileAsset


April 5 - Johnson Financial Group is a well-known bank and financial services provider based in Racine, Wis. Johnson Financial offers banking and financial services, insurance, mortgages, and financial planning services at over 60 locations around the United States. The Johnson Financial IT department is responsible for 8,000 pieces of IT equipment including laptops, desktops, monitors, printers, copiers and servers.

Johnson Financial rents the company’s IT equipment, using spreadsheets to track the location and critical information regarding these assets. One employee was tasked with tracking changes and updates in a spreadsheet as updates were received from dozens of employees via email. Due to the tedious, unorganized method of tracking, the reports were often inaccurate, leaving the IT department to question the location of assets, an asset’s user and maintenance schedule.

At the end of an asset’s lease, Johnson Financial’s IT department often found themselves scrambling to locate and return a rented item to the leasing company, causing a huge overspend in shipping. With 8,000 items to track, the IT department became increasingly frustrated with the inaccurate tracking method as it took hundreds of hours to track items.

“Tracking the IT assets by hand was very time-consuming and terribly inaccurate,” noted Paul Villarreal, the assistant vice president at Johnson Financial. “We were regularly finding errors that cost dozens of hours to correct.”

A New Era
Paul Villarreal has been the information systems director at Johnson Financial for several years. As the individual responsible for tracking down misplaced equipment, he was regularly impacted by the unsophisticated tracking process. Villarreal knew that changes to Johnson Financial’s asset tracking system needed to be made in order to reduce the exorbitant amount of time spent tracking down IT assets and money spent on unnecessary shipments.

After researching asset tracking solutions, Villarreal selected Wasp Barcode’s MobileAsset, as it provided the features he was looking for at an affordable price. “There was very little debate. Wasp provided the services we needed within our budget. There weren’t any other solutions that provided these services at such an affordable price,” stated Villarreal.

Productivity Abounds

Since deploying Wasp’s MobileAsset in 2008, Johnson Financial has experienced dramatic improvements in the company’s equipment tracking process. The amount of time spent tracking down leased IT assets has reduced dramatically, saving the company an estimated 400 hours a year.

“Since implementing Wasp MobileAsset, we have virtually solved our asset tracking problems. We no longer have inaccuracies in our reporting, which means we’re not wasting hours tracking down each asset’s location,” explained Villarreal. “Wasp MobileAsset has made my team’s job much easier. We know exactly where all of our assets are. It has streamlined our process.”

Another key benefit of MobileAsset has been the drastic reduction in shipping costs associated with the return of leased items. Inaccurate tracking of each location’s assets made tracking lease terms and item locations nearly impossible. With MobileAsset, Johnson Financial can run a report to determine when leases expire and combine shipments if possible.

With MobileAsset, Johnson Financial can also track software licenses and maintenance schedules. And, the HR department can pull information from MobileAsset to make sure any equipment assigned to an employee is collected should that person leave the company.

“We are very happy with the Wasp MobileAsset solution and the immediate ROI we achieved,” stated Villarreal. “We have saved approximately $8,000 a year in late fees for rented equipment we would not have found right away.”

Johnson Financial continues to use MobileAsset because of the process improvements they have been able to achieve and because of its user-friendliness. “The best feature of MobileAsset is its ease of use. It’s easy to learn and implement, making it possible for multiple people to use the program at their own comfort level. It’s very intuitive and there was very little training needed. We have had a wonderful experience and have received great customer service. We’re looking forward to continued success with Wasp Barcode Technologies solutions,” said Villarreal.