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How To Secure A Smartphone

Lookout Security & Antivirus
Android Tapp
Anytime an app is downloaded, Lookout will self activate and scan that app for any threats (viruses/malware/corrupt files) to the phone and verify if its safe for download (preventing having to go through the issue of having to hard reset the device and lose anything not backed up outside the device).


Mobile Banking: 4 Ways to Secure Your Smartphone
CBS News
Here are the four things you should do to protect your personal information while banking with your smartphone.

Intensify Your Mobile Security Mindset
Credit Union Magazine
Train all staff in secure mobile banking practices, proper payment procedures, and the latest threat risks. Teach your mobile users to treat their devices like a credit card with the Internet attached.

Verizon intros Mobile Security app for Android, wants to keep you safe
The Mobile Security app - which is also powered by Asurion - aims to assist the Big Red crowd by protecting their devices from many "digital and physical threats," giving Android (2.1 or later) users the ability to lock, set up alarms, wipe data and locate handsets remotely.

Securing Mobile Devices: Present and Future
Mobile devices are not going to be less susceptible to security problems.
The overall threat of malware might decline, but the damage to mobile devices is likely to be high because smartphones are always connected, they always carry some personal data, and they are even equipped with small cameras, microphones, and positioning devices — just like the spies carried in old movies.

Top 10 iPhone Security Tips
This paper is intended for users who want to take proactive measures to secure their iPhones, companies willing to train their employees (before allowing corporate emails on the devices), and administrators working on developing strong policies.

Secure your smartphone
Here are four ways that you can help increase mobile phone safety and secure your Windows Phone or other smartphone.

5 Simple Steps to Secure Your Android-Based Smartphones
Trend Micro
Maximize your Android-based smartphone’s security settings.