Strands PFM

Strands Finance is a personal financial management provider that enables financial institutions to create more engaging, multichannel customer banking experiences while enhancing their ability to attract and retain customers and to cross sell. Our award-winning technology is delivered through a scalable and highly customizable solution, Strands PFM. Strands PFM allows banks to gain new insights, further engage and acquire new customers.

At Strands Finance, innovation is at the core of the company and drives development. The PFM solution is highly customizable, offers a unique and easy-to-use interface, deploys and integrates seamlessly into online banking environments and features market intelligence.

Innovation in customization is key. One area we focus on is the customization and innovation of our widgets and user interface. Consumers are able to manage their finances quickly and efficiently with an easy-to-navigate and engaging user interface. The widgets allow users to navigate through an online banking environment with easy to read charts, graphs and images.

Innovation goes beyond our widget-based technology and is integrated into deployments as well. When clients approach us, we are challenged with integrating a solution into legacy banking infrastructures. Strands PFM seamlessly integrates with existing hardware, applications and emerging technologies.

Our most recent innovative service offering is market intelligence. This application captures consumerís spending habits, savings goals and budgets within our solution. FIs can leverage this insight to build targeted marketing campaigns and cross sell products.

From customization, deployment and integration, market intelligence and our user interface, the Strands PFM solution enhances the online banking platform and elevates the online banking experience for bank customers. Demand for personal finance management solutions has risen in recent years, and it will continue to grow as consumers become educated of the benefits.

Strands Finance