TSG TrakPointe Efficiency And Management System

The TrakPointe Efficiency And Management System (TEAMS) is an integrated suite of cloud-based process and task tracking applications, developed with direct input from bank presidents and senior community bankers, specifically to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of internal processes, eliminating the risks associated with Microsoft Excel and providing a simple, high-ROI tool for improving processes, bank efficiency ratios, and the flow of information.

TrakPointe TEAMS includes specific applications for loan pipeline, contract, vendor, audit issue correction, and asset and project management. TrakPointe provides the following important outcomes for community bank management teams:

  • It eliminates Microsoft Excel risk by tracking all tasks in a central, secure, cloud-based SQL database, ensuring everyone has instant access to the same current information, including automated reporting and alerts.
  • The TrakPointe Loan Pipeline Application lets management and the entire business development team see the bank’s key pipeline metrics – total deals, deal value by officer, deal value by loan type, concentration, and more – with just two clicks.
  • TrakPointe is cloud-based, making it accessible through any Internet-capable device and available 24/7.
  • TrakPointe is delivered on a month-to-month basis, with no annual contract or annual maintenance fee.

The TrakPointe Loan Pipeline Application is part of the three-step TrakPointe Loan Pipeline System that includes the application itself, the development of a simple dashboard tailored to the bank’s unique key performance metrics, and coaching on best practices for managing loan pipelines and improving performance.

Banks can implement one or all of the TrakPointe applications. Most users master TrakPointe’s interface in less than 30 minutes. 

TrakPointe includes next generation FFIEC-approved virtual token multifactor authentication.

A TrakPointe implementation takes less than 20 working days, including management and user training. 

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